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Сделали постер для нашего постоянного клиента - известного мастера по катанию на коньках Бессариона Цинцадзе. Плакат сотражает стиль езды господина Цинцадзе, линии добавляют динамики плакату. Наверху помещени иконки социальных сетей с QR кодом, при сканировании которого посредством телефона можно сразу попасть на нужную страницу, не набирая адреса.

Another of labels for Seafarmacy LTD.

Set of labels for one of our clients Seafarmacy LTD. We crated pictures, developed a design and colors.

Logotype for the famous power skaiting trainer BesarionTsintsadze (AKA The Speed Freak). Below you can see how it looks on skating clothes. We also created a personal web site for Besa which you can see in our portfolio here.

Set of flash banners on two languages for one of the taxi services in Riga.

Advertising leaflet was created in order to represent a product on the market.

The logotype was created for the company what sells KELP Jelly - a unique product amongst all seaweed type products on the market.

The set of banners for the real estate agency.

Set of slides created for the main page of Seafarmacy.co.uk.

The advertisement for the web site which was created and placed on the main page while the creation of the site was in process.

Leaflet was created for one of our customers to present the information about a production. Logotype was done for customer's website (which was created by us as well. Unfortunately the business is closed now.

Two calendars (10x15, A3/A5 for the restaurant in Switzerland. Their web site was also created by us (you can see this project here).

Two logos for the TV program's web site. It had to be drawn in the style of the main letters at the beginning of TV program. Another happy customer.

Logotype for the accounting support agency. The logo had to be strict, reflect the type of customer's business and be bright at the same time. Customer was pleased with the result. 
We also created simple and bright web site for the customer which can be seen here.

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