Advertising Campaigns

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Advertise and grow!

What we offer

If you want to get even more customers, you may decide to advertise your web site. The best way to get them is to launch advertising campaign.  Fishka offer Google Adwords, Yahoo, Facebook, Draugiem, VK, Instagram, Twitter and Yandex campaigns setup and monitoring.

That service includes the following:

Geographical Tagging - Advertisements linking to the relevant countries (and cities if the option exists)
Language Tagging - Advertisements linking to the relevant language groups.
Keywords Research - Research will provide a keywords, needed to launch successful campain.
Advertisement Writing - Your advertisements will be written according to consumer's psychology. It will maximise the possibility of getting more customers interested in your products or services.
Price Estimation and Optimisation - The price for every click will be estimated and optimised so you will be able to plan your budget.

Please feel free to contact us to get more details.