Why our web design studio is better than the others?

You’ll need to know which elements form services prices to answer this question. Let’s reveal some “inside” of web design studios.

The services price at usual web design studios includes the following elements:

1. Work amount and complexity. The more complex the work is the higher the price is. It is natural.

2. Monthly salary for minimum two people: designer and maker-up setting this design on a platform. Moreover, they include web developer salary as well, because, one way or another, such work requires some corrections. Big company adds the salary for project manager, controlling the work of the aforementioned three persons and conducting negotiations with client. Big scale company, which does not have enough clients, offers the price, proportional to the amount of orders. I.e. If they have few orders, the price you will pay will be bigger. The studios are forced to increase prices to get money for employees’ salary and profit.

3. Office rent and electricity fee

4. So called amortization costs: paint for printers, new software (which should be the licensed ones, based on legislation requirements. Moreover, the licensed software costs a lot of money), anti-virus, new PC, if old the ones are broken, etc.

How our studio forms the prices?

Our studio is special.
We form our prices depending on work amount and complexity only. Why?

1. We do not have an office. All our employees work on a remote basis. We think that such working mode decreases stress and improves creative potential usage. You do not have to go anywhere; can drink tea or coffee and work any time you want. You can make a break for an hour or work at night. The only thing we ask is to deliver work in time.

2. Our employees do not get monthly salary. They get income for work they actually do, having the possibility to work with other project as well. Such working mode allows project price significant decrease and bigger income for our employees in comparison to their colleagues from other companies.

3. Our employees independently bear all amortization costs as they have own computers, printers and scanners.

That's why, in most cases we have twice or three times cheaper prices in comparison with other studios offer and the professionals, who can easily compete with other studios.
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