My name is Anton Chistov. And it is better to start the story about my studio from the small story about myself as I am the key person between you as a customer and my employees.

My acquaintance with computers has started since 1999. That year I entered computer science classes, which lasted three years. I started my first small business in computer sphere straight after that when I turned 18. It was related to the sales of various software, films, games and computer setting (troubleshooting, various updates etc).

With time I moved to Great Britain where I spent 4 years of my life. There I was invited to administer international biggest diving database DivingFinder.com.

In 2009, I understood that it's time to start my own business and created western clients’ oriented web site Gratiswork.com, offering small sites construction. After one month I decided to do some re-profiling, increase services package and come to local market, without leaving the cooperation with foreign customers. This prompted the start of Fishka Design web development and design studio.

The studio has been working since November, 6, 2009 and since that moment we try to help anyone who contacts us. During 4 years of work we have made numerous web sites, booklets, brochures, various scripts and applications. We provide quality work quickly on beneficial prices. Moreover, I can tell you for sure, that our studio differs from other studios on the market. We have specific business and working approach. Would you like to find out what the specificity is? Welcome to “Why we are better?” section.

Private persons, small and medium scale business representatives are among our studio clients. We are doing our best to help anyone, contacting us: the house keeper, wanting to create simple blog or the company, requiring internet shop. Our motto is to work, doing all our best. Exactly this thought became the basis of our trademark, depicting stylized rune Fehu. This rune signifies righteous wealth, gained using human skills.
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